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Great Online Classes for Adults to Learn English at Home

Best 5 Websites to Learn English Online

In this post, you'll find the 5 best websites for great online classes for adults to learn English at home.

BBC Learning English - offers easy, medium, and hard-level courses.

One of their courses is (English My Way) easy level.

The English My Way course includes fourteen (14) sessions accompanied by individual activities.

The course has an introduction and school, and other learning sessions.

The website setup is simple and easy to navigate.

You'll also find videos and other information as a guide.

English VOA Learning (Voice of America) - helps you to learn English with English Language lessons from Voice of America.

They have a Beginning Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level, and Read, Listen, and Learn.

The beginning level has a welcome - Learn English Level-1, Learn English Level-2, and more.

Duolingo - is an American Educational Technology company that produces learning apps and provides language certification.

The website is user-friendly and provides translations into multiple languages.

Duolingo is fun; you will learn English with quick, bite-sized lessons while gaining real-world communication skills.

Preply - helps you to learn any language with confidence.

They allow you to learn 1-on-1 with native tutors.

On their Meet The Teacher Page at the top left above the tutors, you'll see English Tutors, and then you'll see British English, ESL, and English for Beginners.

To select a tutor, click on a photo.

The flag below the tutor's photo will help you to identify the language and country.

On the left side, you'll see Spanish tutors, Spanish for Children, Spanish for Beginners, and Conversational Spanish.

Preply Home Page:

Sandrue Academy - offers weekly English Grammar Training that repeats every single week.

There's also an option to learn other courses; and bundle courses at a discount.

Sandrue: Courses

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