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Sandrue Online Customer Service Academy 

Sandrue Representative


Sandrue was founded in 2022.

Sandrue was established as an Online Customer Service Academy.

The school's Proprietor saw the need to create a service that would be beneficial to persons pursuing professions in Call Centers, and careers of different backgrounds. 

Almost every company practices good customer service and the importance of being knowledgeable in this area.


To better assist customers and generate confidence, a customer service agent or any other professional is required to perform according to company guidelines, and be qualified, and competent.

It is for such reasons that Sandrue has become a dedicated distance learning institution that focuses solely on preparing students for customer service roles that may be incorporated into their areas of duty.


Aside from our Customer Service, Sales, and Management Supervisory courses. Sandrue offers basic English Grammar courses for persons who want to sharpen their English, or for people who want to focus solely on a career doing live chat or email support.

We also offer Reading Help and Tutoring services.


Tutoring services are available to college students majoring in business and science courses.

Another offer we have going is our Bundle Courses that are already discounted by 30%.

And If you are in the mood for giving we have specialized e-gift cards you can purchase to gift a course to someone close to you.


We have students around the world joining our classes each week and we would love for you to be a part of our learning family.

We appreciate all the support we continue to receive as we continue to build and spread growth.

Welcome to Sandrue!

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