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Customer Service Training Courses and Tutoring Services that are Worth it


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Sandrue Dedicated Distance Learning Academy

Sandrue offers customer service training courses and tutoring services that are worth your time.

Our Customer Service courses are designed to assist in developing skills required to perform above standards.

We train you to function effectively in Call Centers and other industries that practice exceptional customer service.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our courses, tutoring services, and discounted bundles.

Customer Service Training Courses Online

Sandrue Distance Learning

Sandrue Customer Service Training Courses are offered online in a Face-to-Face setting.

We at the academy, see live interaction as connecting and reaching our students in a way that is most beneficial to them.

Our training courses are intended for many employment backgrounds and career paths.

In today's world, customer service, sales, management, and basic English are incorporated into almost all job types.

During your enrollment period with us, you will learn customer service as a skill that you can take with you wherever you go.

Our customer service courses include customer service tone of voice training, email writing, learning how to deal with irate customers, and bouncing back from difficult feedback as constructive criticism. 

We prepare you for the role and career that awaits you on your path to learning or developing your skills.

Aside from single courses, we offer Bundle Deals as an option.

Courses are offered weekly, Monday to Friday 10 am -1 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm eastern.

Kindly check out our courses to learn more.

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Courses Online 

Sandrue Sales Trainer

Sales Training Courses for Beginners

Customer Service Training

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Sales Training Courses for Beginners Online

At Sandrue we have students spread across the world who take part in our Sales Training Courses for Beginners.

Our training courses are packed with guidelines and strategies on how to open and close a sale from start to finish.

Learn industry tactics you will need to get you through doors and keep you on top and performing.

Sales Training happens weekly, Monday to Friday 2 pm - 5 pm eastern.

Check out courses to learn more.

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Success starts with you.

Your future self will be happy you enrolled!

Online Tutoring Services for College Students

Welcome to our live tutoring sessions that happen Mondays - Fridays 5 pm - 7 pm.

Tutoring sessions are extended to college students that are majoring in courses like Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Pharmaceutical Sales, and Business Science.

Our tutoring sessions are set up to facilitate you even if you are not currently enrolled in college or in a particular course major.

We are open to the idea that most people may want to have a general idea of what a course entails before registering for a college or program, so as an added bonus we encourage anyone who would like to join our tutoring sessions to come on board and experience what our sessions have to offer.

See courses to learn more.